Atelier Borciani e Bonazzi is a place where creativity takes shape and artists and technicians meet to share inspirations, ideas, tools for painting that become solutions. It is here that every day we look at the talents of our artists at work, listen to their needs.

We observe, very often in silence. Because the gestures they make, the changes they make to their brushes and painting accessories, become for us suggestions and traces on which to make new brushes and products. Because our brushes are #designedwithartistsinmind.

The Atelier has been decorated with skilful craftsmanship by our Raffaella Barbieri Technique, set designer, who has reproduced on one wall the Borciani and Bonazzi logo.

Raffaella has chosen to make it with acrylic paints and UNICO SILVER brushes and with the 203 synthetic gold series.
The space of the Atelier hosts our corporate events and open days, in a mixture of company and creative space dedicated to art that has always distinguished us.

Artists in Atelier discovered IL PERFETTO- the perfect brush for all painting techniques

The doors of the Atelier Borciani e Bonazzi are opened to a delegation of six renowned artists. Each specialized in a painting technique. They joined us from all over Italy with their tools: acrylic, colored pencils, oil, watercolor.

A first moment was dedicated to the discovery of the raw materials that make of Borciani e Bonazzi brushes: fibres, ferrule, handle.

The discovery of the fibre is always an exciting moment: understanding its differences, seizing its secrets, having a taste of the experience and expertise on materials that is kept in our company.

And when the Artists were able to compare the bundles of natural kolinsky sable with those of Kolinsky synthetic fibre used in the new series IL PERFETTO, here they began to better understand how much potential there is behind this brush.

The second moment of great impact is to see the workers at work.

Discover that each brush is entirely handmade, that each head has dedicated tools, that to realize all the series we need years of experience... The enchantment of hands moving safely and creating their favorite tools is always fascinating.

It is to understand and see before one’s eyes why Art and Craftsmanship have the same root.

We therefore left space to the artists, who with the new series IL PERFETTO have created works of intense beauty.

You can find on our social channels the interviews that reveal why they love this brush so much.

Special thanks to the artists, for being involved in this event and for their enthusiastic feedback:

ROBERTA RANIERI - colored pencils and watercolor

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