Alessandra Nardotto

“Each illustration comes from a , from the love for small situations and places, such as a forest or a kitchen with a freshly baked cake. A world lived by animals acting like human beings. “

Alessandra, founder of “The Honey Boat”, is an illustrator. Painting is her job and her passion. She discovered her love for art during high school, when she started partecipating at some craft markets in her hometown. Her purpose has always been to communicate. After taking challenge, in 2021 published her first works: “Accidenti alle regole” a children’s book written by Anna Baccelliere and published by Splen Edizioni and “Fantasia dietro l’angolo” her first monograph (Psicografici editori).

What do you love about borciani e bonazzi brushes?

I love their simplicity and quality. They’re extremely comfortable and ergonomic. Borciani e Bonazzi has a wide range of models that allows you to work at best with any type of detail that the work requires.


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