Series 850 UNICO INFINITO quill brush with HIDRO® synthetic fibre and resin handle


The UNICO Infinito watercolour brush is far from ordinary, coming from the fusion between our tradition and the spirit of innovation by which we are distinguished.

Round-tipped quill brush in HIDRO synthetic fibre with high absorbency and balanced ergonomic handle for painting in total comfort, with a heath-shaped binding collar for maximum stability, along with double brass-wire binding.

The HIDRO® synthetic fibre is extremely soft to the touch and offers a slow, gradual and homogeneous release of water. The flamed tip is characterised by a thin and precise end, with a body that widens into a generous diameter. The brushstroke is supported by the pressure of the hand, guaranteeing ample autonomy of the water and colour with a change in the line.

The handle of the UNICO Infinito is embellished by a hi-tech texture, a black resin handle and a non-slip finish, with the exclusive anti-rolling system that reduces tension in the joints of the hand thanks to the larger diameter.


The tip complies with the pressure of the brush stroke as it varies, maintaining a wide autonomy of colour. Ideal for diluted painting techniques.

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Product options for Series 850 UNICO INFINITO quill brush with HIDRO® synthetic fibre and resin handle

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SIZE VISIBLE HAIR LENGTH (mm) DIAMETER OR WIDTH (mm) TOTAL LENGTH (range in mm) Sku Price (TAX incl.) Quantity
0 25 7,3 210-214 26757 €16.76
2 29 8,7 210-214 26758 €18.37
4 32 9,8 220-224 26759 €19.74
6 36 10,5 220-224 26760 €21.46
8 38 14 225-229 26761 €24.99
10 43 15,8 230-234 26762 €31.85

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Data sheet

Shape: Round
Trade: Pennelli per le Belle Arti
Painting Technique: Watercolor
Diameter or Width (mm)
Visible Hair Length (mm)
Total Length (range in mm)
Availability date: 2021-12-17
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