How is a high quality brush made?

Today the Borciani Bonazzi brush factory is the highest example of Italian manufacture in this sector. The rhythms of this precise and patient craft, still alive today in the Borciani Bonazzi production, have their origin in the history of Italian artisan manufacture.

The artisan aspect of the product, associated with accurate manual work, has been handed down over time – meeting the target with great success.

While visiting the company, one encounters crafts experts who manufacture the tips of the brushes with outstanding dexterity, relying on the mastery acquired over time with more than fifty years of experience.

Thus, the excellence of our products is recognizable and recognized, standing out when compared to low quality items, which are easy to identify because in those cases the head of the brush is obtained by shaving the tuft to the desired form.

This way the tip of the hair – the so-called “feather” - is cut. Being the most precious part of the entire brush, Borciani Bonazzi brushes preserve it instead, ensuring softness and precision to the painting stroke. Borciani Bonazzi combines manufacture quality with premium quality raw materials.

Quality materials ensure quality brushes, providing these features: the brush keeps its point, its hair elasticity, and guarantees control and fluidity of the painting gesture, along with adaptability to different paint textures.



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