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From the artist's selection comes a kit of practical, versatile and essential brushes to capture facial features with the noble art of watercolour portraiture. The Kit contains 7 brushes: • Series 203 size 20 • Series 903 size 4, 8 and 12 • 400 series size 6 and 12 • Series 168/S size 1 ROMINA ILLUZZI... Read more
From the collaboration with the artist Geremia Cerri, a kit of essential synthetic brushes is born, functional, versatile and extremely responsive to the artist's gesture. The Kit consists of a reusable brush-holder cardboard box with the shape of a book, entirely customized with the artist's paintings complete... Read more
Pair of brushes in gold synthetic fibre developed with the stationary influencer artist Virginia Di Giorgio (Virgola), contained in a resealable PVC case complete with bookmark with the artist's illustration. The kit contains: round brush in gold synthetic fibre no. 6 and flat brush in gold synthetic fibre n. 4,... Read more
Black brush holder complete with 10 Unico Mongoose series brushes. Within the kit there are: Series 800 Size 0, 8 and 16, Series 801 Size 4, 12 and 18, Series 802 Size 0-6-12-16. Mongoose fibre is characterised by great softness and absorbency along with a slow release of water. It is ideal for watercolours and... Read more
The Venezia Collection set consists of 4 brushes with natural hair, nickel-plated brass ferrule and short handle, in the following sizes: a quill brush from Series 168 Size 0, two round brushes Series 111 with short handle in red sable hair in sizes 4 and 6, a flat brush Series 112 in red sable hair in size 4. This... Read more
The Napoli Collection set consists of 4 anti-rolling brushes with UNICO Mongoose synthetic fibre, a nickel-plated brass ferrule and a balanced handle, in the following sizes: - Series 800 Size 10 with round tip – Series 801 Size 6 and 8 with flat tip – 802 Series Size 8 Mongoose synthetic fibre is characterised by... Read more



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