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The Passion for Art UNICO Silver Set is composed of 5 synthetic fibre brushes with anthracite brass ferrule and patented anti-rolling, balanced red- coloured wooden handle in the following sizes: – Series 810 Size 4 and 6 with round tip – Series 811 Mis. 2 and 6 with flat tip – Series 812 Mis. 4 in cat's tongue The... Read more
The 9-brush kit IL PRECISO TOP GRAPHIC contains the full range of brushes, ideal for graphic techniques such as retail painting, miniature, Islamic art, precision gilding and model-making, characterised by: an extra-pointed stiff dark red-violet synthetic fibre to ensure stability of the form of the tip, a chromed... Read more
The Torino Collection Set consists of 4 brushes with gold synthetic fibre, nickel-plated brass ferrule and short handle, in the following sizes: – Series 13/C – Series 13/C Size 4– Series 10 Size 6 – Series 11 Size 6 – Series 12 Size 12. The soft and elastic gold fibre is ideal for oil and acrylic, basic... Read more
The Milano Collection set contains 4 medium-sized dark red-violet synthetic fibre brushes with: a Series 1 round brush size 10, two Series 3 flat brushes size 6 and 8, and a Series 6/C cat's tongue brush size 8, for use on rough surfaces or with pasty colours. Ideal for acrylic, thick oil and textural paint. This... Read more
The Firenze Collection Set consists of 4 brushes in gold synthetic fibre with an anodised aluminium ferrule and short contoured handle, in the following sizes: – 900 Series Size 4 – Series 901 Size 6 – Series 902 Size 10 – Series 903 Size 8. The gold synthetic fibre is soft and elastic, with a light and elastic... Read more



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