Valentina Grilli

Valentina Grilli is an Italian artist with a degree in Cultural Heritage.
Her career very quickly moves towards a more creative sphere, working as a Visual for Loro Piana and Roberto Cavalli and as a texile designer for Patrizie Pepe.
At the same time, the desire and the need to put her own creativity into a more intimate sphere germinates; here the first works with a natural theme come to life, where deer and wild plants animate the canvases, wrapped in a suspended and anachronistic atmosphere. Thanks to these artworks she earned her the first national awards and started to take part to collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Together with her pictorial research, Valentina dedicates herself to illustration; she curated some ad hoc works for Alessandro D’Avenia, for the Circolo Letterario Mondadori and for the VilleGiardini magazine.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

My works are the result of a detailed study of the techniques of the past, recovered from ancient recipes and from observation from the masterpieces of the great masters.
Among these De Chirico, who taught the importance of materials.
I was lucky enough to carefully try many of the Borciani e Bonazzi brushes, identifying for the watercolor technique the ideal means in the Mangusta series 800. The flexible and elastic bristles gradually release the water and their very thin tip is ideal for meticulous details that I obtain with great patience.
For oil, on the other hand, I always use brushes in synthetic fibre, in particular the 810 series in which I find the strenght of the ability to release minute marks and the excellent grip, which allows you to orchestrate the mark like a dance.

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