Gianluca Cremonesi

Gianluca Cremonesi lives and works in the province of Cremona, since his youth he has been interested in the world of art in different forms, his first expressions of art were through charcoal and graphite, also experimenting with Spray painting and watercolor for then switch to oil, his true passion.
His painting is greatly influenced by love for nature and in particular for the sea, preferring stormy seas with important waves and strong visual impact.
The sea he loves represents is in constant change, painted when the wave crashes on the rocks or on the shore after a long distance run, its wave is taken at the last moment, when rising from the surface of the sea, it seems take a strong run-up, gather maximum strength to break powerfully.
His works celebrate the beauty of nature, hoping to focus attention on the need to respect the environment around us to preserve it.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

Painting for many years I have had the opportunity to try many brushes, but with the Borciani e Bonazzi brushes it was love ""at first brush stroke"", I love the flexibility of the bristles, their resistance, the cleanliness of the stroke, and not least the durability over time and the ability to keep the shape unchanged.
I use them from the initial backgrounds to the smallest details with the 20/0 size brushes.

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