Creating brushes is a story of hands, tools, raw materials and passion.

A brush contains infinite possibilities.

We choose The Pencil Perpetua®, unique and revolutionary because we want to go on writing our story with you, and give anyone a magical shade with a touch of the brush.

The aim of the project is to facilitate and to accellerate the development of the future of the circular economy, through innovative processes, in order to respect the Enviroment, the Planet and the People living there.



The collaboration between Perpetua and Pennelli Faro created Solo®Perpetua®, made for Borciani e Bonazzi.

Solo®Perpetua®, the recycled graphite pencil,  has a water-soluble stretch that blends into its final part with its brush, Solo®. 

Two unique objects blend and create something that was not real before. Born in Italy.

The brush was a plastic bottle before.

Solo® is the monomaterial brush entirely recycled and infinitely recyclable. Solo® is the monomaterial brush entirely recycled and infinitely recyclable. The hair and the ferrule are made in PBT from recycled plastic bottles.

Solo® joins without glue to Perpetu the Pencil, which is made with an innovative material composed of 80% upgraded recycled graphite.


  •        Single flat side anti-rolling
  •        Solo®Perpetua® has a blendable watercolor stroke
  •        The stretch is comparable to the 2B hardness
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€14.01 (VAT incl.)
Thanks to the collaboration between Perpetua and Pennelli Faro Solo®Perpetua® is born, realized for Borciani e Bonazzi.Borciani e Bonazzi celebrates its 70th anniversary with a drawing and writing innovative tool that didn't exist before.Solo®Perpetua® is the recycled graphite pencil that blends in its final part... Read more



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