Borciani e Bonazzi, from the collaboration with Giovanni Balzarani, created a new ally for those artists who paint for a long time in the same position, as in the case of hyperrealism. In the hyperrealistic style, artists paint for a very long time in the same position and for several hours a day,that can sometimes cause pain in the tendons. This tool that do not stress the functionality of the hand in its natural pose.

Borciani e Bonazzi patented a new ergonomic brush handgrip with texture to improve handle and not tire the hand joints in long painting sessions.

The shape of the brush handgrip, that adapts to the handle and its texture, fill the void that is created in the grip between the index finger and the thumb and gives , a very secure grip.

 In addition to this innovation, a set of 4 brushes has been created ideal for all precision techniques. Learn more!

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