The MASTERPIECE 107/S Series in Kolinsky Synthetic Sable MKS is ideal for all average dilution techniques like watercolor, oil, gouache and acrylic.


The new synthetic fibre of the MASTERPIECE 107/S series is characterized by:

-        Natural hair equivalent performance

-        Precise holding of the tip and perfect absorbency

-        Maximum elasticity

-        Return in shape

107 series is charachterized by a long and tapered reservoir that makes the brushstroke flexible and soft.

The precise tip allows to create very tin and continuous lines

The BRUSH STROKE is flexible and soft thanks to the long and tapered reservoir.

The typical SPRING of this natural hair, reproduced ad hoc in the synthetic fiber improves the application performance of the brush.

The GREATER LENGTH OF THE HAIR, both external, visible in the tapered tip and not visible, inside the ferrule, allows an extreme ability to absorb the color with slow and homogeneous release.

The nickel-plated brass ring, riveted at the end of processing, keeps the entire tip extremely compact and further improves the seal in the shape of the tip.


The STROKE with use in tip is thin, continuous and wide-ranging, if used in pressure trace a rhomboidal shape with elongated leaf.

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