Irene Meniconi is an italian artist who lives and works in Florence. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, she continued her personal artistic research, the result of both a technical and psychological path, creating mixed media works all united by an accurate and characteristic pen drawing. She exhibits her works in Art Galleries and Italian and foreign fairs. At the same time she collaborates with companies in the most diverse sectors: from fashion, publishing, to interior decoration for professional studios, public and private spaces.

“In my works on paper the watercolor is made with a very free gesture: it is not descriptive, is mostly given by free color backgrounds to leave the boundaries of the shapes and to mix with the other shades in a random way. Then I use the line to shape the volumes of the figures almost as if  were sculptures. The muscles, scales or plumage are finely described in realistic and abstract at the same time.

Each drawing can be seen in its entirety as an animal or considered in portions as abstract pattern from decorative graphic cut."

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

I love collaborating with historical realities Made in Italy and I appreciated particularly the combination of ancient handicrafts and modern research that I found in Borciani and Bonazzi brushes.

I have identified my favorite features in the 850 Unico Infinito series: these brushes have allowed me to work with fluid and light brushstrokes, dense with water and color and at the same time not to neglect any detail thanks to their extremely soft and precise flame at the same time. I remained pleasantly impressed by the softness of the synthetic fibre of which the bristles are composed, softness which is generally found exclusively in animal bristles. Also the handle is great, convenient and handy to ensure that Harmonious gestures that is typical of watercolor.

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