What is the magic paper and what can it be useful for?

The reusable water-writing Magic paper is a light grey card, which at first glance says nothing about its characteristics.

But if you try to wet it only with water you can see an extreme absorbency capacity and a very slow drying, however you still won’t be able to understand its use for pictorial techniques.  The question that arises spontaneously is therefore “what is it for?”: it is used to clearly see the brush stroke.

The brush, once wet in water and rested on the magic paper, will leave its very personal imprint and will show the absorbency capacity of its fibres and its type of release (slow or rapid).

Already used in China and Japan by children in primary school to learn how to write ideograms with brush, it is very useful in techniques where the first thing to learn are sign and pressure, such as brush calligraphy. This avoids wasting large amounts of paper due to the different trials for learning.

Infinitely reusable, the Borciani e Bonazzi Magic paper looks like a very elegant 2-meter roll (which would be worth having only for the beauty of the packaging) with ribbon and button closure or you can find it applied on a Borciani e Bonazzi rigid tablet in A4 format.

The trend of the last years signs the return of calligraphy: manufacturers of calligraphic markers distribute magic paper in kits for practical exercises, reducing their use to mere exercise.

Let us not forget that knowing exactly the sign of the brush that you want to use is fundamental both for practice and for the choice of the best tool for a specific pictorial work.  

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