How do I clean brushes after oil painting?

Taking care of artistic brushes used for oil painting requires careful cleaning of the brushes after each use.

In order to preserve the high quality of the brushes and most importantly of their fibres, proper maintenance and cleaning are necessary after each use of the paintbrushes to increase the lifespan of the materials and get maximum results from the painting tools.

Infact Borciani e Bonazzi vegetable soap with the specifically developed surface, allows you to remove residues even in the innermost parts of the tip. These small but simple steps allow the materials to last as long as possible and ensure an optimal rendering of the painting tools.

The Borciani and Bonazzi set "Everythings for brushes' care" is the most suitable solution to maintain and care for your brushes as it includes a vegetable soap for brushes, a brush protection kit and a brush cleaning kit.  



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