FOCUS: Brush series 777

The 777 series by Borciani e Bonazzi is a special line of brushes born to make long and very thin lines, what in decoration are called "fillets".

From the mural Art Deco, still today the “fine-line technique” gracefully embellishes objects of very different genres, from Vintage slicers to the bikes of a well-known Italian brand, enhancing the shapes with fine and very precise lines.

The 777 series by Borciani e Bonazzi was born with extra ox hair fibres, about 7 cm long, that makes the "colour tank" extremely long, thus avoiding having to recharge the brush in the thin lines up to almost a meter of continuous processing.

The brush is therefore tenacious and resistant, with wide flexibility and gradual release.

The natural ox hair fibre allows to work with both water and solvent colours, suitably diluted. The short wooden handle, on the other hand, makes the brush very easy-to-use even at particular angles.

The result is long, thin and delicate lines, embellishing full or shaded backgrounds and other pictorial techniques.

A few people, however, know that "opening" the fibre with a traverse use of the brush, permits to naturally create delicate lines of nuance with low pressure that perfectly imitate the veins of fake marble, thus making it suitable for fine decorations, both on wooden and wall bases.

So this is a brush liner for professional decorators and for techniques similar to the ones used for large graphics, where you need a full-colour, fine and continuous stroke.

The measures of Borciani e Bonazzi 777 series are 0, 2 and 4, and no bigger measures are needed, since the length of the fibres absorbs a lot of colour while maintaining fine lines with a slow and continuous release.  



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