Brush Calligraphy, which are the most suitable brushes?

The evolution and widespread diffusion of the art of Calligraphy in recent years has mainly resulted in modern compositions and in the use of many different application techniques.
Artists who use flat tips for evolutions of Gothic and Italic lettering and others who use round tips, modulating the pressure to obtain thick and thin strokes.

Whether made with inks, gouaches or liquid watercolors, precise and supple or scratchy, the common denominator must be the precision of the Calligraphic Sign, which is well defined to characterize the letters, legibility and style of the artist.

The fibre of the brushes must therefore be of medium-slow color release, flexible and tenacious to support the evolutions and the continuous changes of direction and pressure.

Top Graphic is a line of extraordinary brushes that meet all these needs: the dark red-violet synthetic fibre, flexible and with great resistance, is thick and very tightly tied and guarantees a precise stroke, both in the greater pressure of the descending strokes and in the fine lines of the ascending ones.
The fibre simplifies the feasibility of the calligraphic sign and the very light ergonomic handle considerably lightens the work of the hand.

A separate chapter are the Top Graphic PRECISO brushes, tips with a very short dark red-violet fibre, for high precision work. The conical shape allows to retain an amount of color that is not expected from such a short tip and the light and manageable handle with double ergonomic shape like the rest of the line, makes it an essential tool in precision work.

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