Focus: Synthetic brushes

Focus: Synthetic Brushes

Among the synthetic fibre, how do you select the most suitable brushfor the chosen technique?

A great help are the different colours of the synthetics fibres which have different uses:

  • Synthetic brushes: white and brown fiber
  • Synthetic brushes: gold and extra gold fiber
  • Synthetic brushes: dark red-violet fiber
  • Synthetic brushes: green fiber
  • Synthetic brushes Unico
  • Synthetic brushes Unico Infinito HIDRO®
  • Synthetic brushes Kolinsky Marten MKS®
Focus: i pennelli sintetici - Borciani e Bonazzi

Synthetic Brushes: white and brown fiber - Borciani e Bonazzi

White and brown fibre

The white and brown fibre, resistant and rigid, is suitable for decoration techniques and hobbies, from school to amateur ones.

The low cost and the possibilities of use in the various techniques allow spreading from glue to acrylics for decoration.

The fibre is short and its elasticity moves the colour on surfaces such as wood, walls and materic backgrounds, creating well-spread backgrounds, still having a precision result.

Series 33, series 32

Pennellessa 300, pennellessa 301 e pennellessa 207

Pennelli sintetici - Borciani e Bonazzi

Gold Fiber and Extra Gold Fiber

The gold fiber is elastic and moderately soft, a feature that makes it versatile and suitable for all painting techniques, from acrylic to oil.

The flexibility and tenacity of the tips creates light traces on the pictorial material, moving the colour with the artist's imprint. It is an excellent brush to start painting and if kept with care it has good resistance.

The Extra Gold fibre is very soft and light and is suitable for painting techniques where you do not want to see a defined trace, but delicate and light shades.

The fibre is medium-long and allows a good amount of colour to be applied to the surface. Ideal for watercolor, defined acrylic and oil shades.

La firma prugna - Borciani e Bonazzi

The Dark red-violet fibre

The The Dark red-violet fibre ùis tough and resistant, and could be compared to bristle.

It maintains elasticity and trace on the pictorial material and is therefore suitable for material techniques and rough backgrounds, where there is the need to move the color while maintaining an evident pictorial trace.

Also excellent for wall decoration due to the tenacity of the fibre. Brushes: series 1, series 2, series 3, series 4, series 6 e la pennellessa series 310.

Green Fiber Synthetic Brushes - Borciani e Bonazzi

Green Fiber

The Green fibre, characteristic of the Italy line, has the particularity of being soft and resistant and having a slow release of water.

Ideal for techniques such as watercolor and gouache, it leaves no obvious traces; the long fibre allows a large quantity of color to be released on the work surface with uniform and homogeneous layers. ​​​​​​​

Brushes: la series 400, series 401 e la pennellessa series 404.

Unico synthetic fibre - Borciani e Bonazzi

Unico synthetic fibre

Unico synthetic fibre are a world apart to be explored

Unico synthetic fibre are a world apart to be explored: born from careful research on the properties of natural fibre, they bring back the best qualities.

From the hollow fibre with slow water release in the Mangusta brush, to the resistance of the White fibre that retains the characteristics of the natural bristle, the Unico synthetic fibres are suitable for all painting techniques and for professional use.

Synthetic fibres: technology and innovation in the creation of brushes

Borciani and Bonazzi has always been at the forefront of research that can replace the use of natural hair in the production of brushes

Le fibre sintetiche: tecnologia e innovazione nella creazione dei pennelli - Borciani e Bonazzi

More and more technology takes us into worlds that seemed futuristic just a few decades ago, and careful research into eco-sustainability and minimal environmental impact have become a fundamental part of production:

Borciani and Bonazzi has always been at the forefront of research that can replace the use of natural hair in the production of brushes, creating a real universe of synthetic fibres specific to each painting technique.

The synthetic fibres Unico by Borciani and Bonazzi are a world to explore: born from a careful research on the properties of natural fibers, they report the best qualities, to meet the needs of students and artists in various painting techniques.

  • UNICO Silver Synthetic Fibre:
    ideal for medium dilution techniques on porous backgrounds such as wood, walls, definition watercolor, acrylic, tempera and gouache, Silver is composed of large diameter hollow fibers, resistant and elastic with a slow release of water. Long and precise strokes, high definition with a great resistance to wear on the surfaces, are the characteristic of the brushes of the series 810,811, 812, appreciated both by watercolorists for the precise strokes of the first floors and by decorators, students and artists of acrylic techniques.
  • One Flamed Synthetic Fibre:
    ideal for glazing techniques, both with water and oil dilutions, combines extreme softness to the basic elasticity. Fiammato is composed of high conicity fibers, large diameter in the part of the ring and very thin in the tip, combining a slow release of the medium to the ability to move the color. Defined and light strokes, which leave no traces on the pictorial surface, are the characteristic of the brushes of the 820,821, 822 series, appreciated by illustrators, botanists and artists of definition painting. The 822 series, with a triangular cat tongue tip, replicates the trait typically used in oil painting to create pictorial shades.
  • UNICO INFINITO HIDRO® Synthetic Fibre:
    Ideal for watercolor and diluted techniques, exceptional sum absorbency and softness to a characteristic typical of natural hair, the SPRING or LIFE, the return and tightness of shape. HIDRO® is patented and consists of fibers with different ripples and micro-perforations, which absorb water and color in huge quantities and release it slowly. The fiber is conical, wide at the base and light at the tip. The 850, 855 IL MINI and 856 IL LINER series, which are highly appreciated by artists and professionals of watercolor painting in all its forms, feature long and full strokes, with an infinite flow of water and colour.
  • Synthetic Fibre Squirrel imitation:
    Ideal for botanical watercolor, wet on wet and overlapping glazes, retains all the characteristics of soft squirrel hair. Synthetic squirrel imitation fibre is highly hygroscopic, microporous, composed of fibers of different undulations of thin diameter, which caress the pictorial surface. Long and light strokes, slow release of water are the characteristic of the 700 series created in collaboration with the botanical watercolor artist Silvia Molinari, and add the pictorial effectiveness of the yarn to a resealable handle in nickel-plated brass thus creating comfortable and durable travel brushes, appreciated by artists and professionals of painting en plein air.
  • Kolinsky Synthetic Sable MKS :
    Ideal for multiple techniques, from watercolor to acrylic painting to oil, maintains the characteristics of the natural hair of Marten Kolinsky. MKS is a full synthetic fibre, of different diameters and corrugations, which is worked on the surface recreating the roughness of the most precious marten hair. Water release and slow medium and excellent elasticity are added to make it a transverse yarn for both diluted and semi-pasty techniques, perfect for defined and light strokes, with an excellent return of shape, without traces on the pictorial surface and with the wear resistance of the natural hair. It does not undergo variation by immersion in oil painting solvents.
    Used in the series Il PERFETTO 620, 621, 622, 623, 624, 625 and in the series 107/S Masterpiece, MKS is a valuable alternative to the Martora Kolinsky and has the merit of having a constant high level of quality, difficult to find in natural hair.
    The excellent shape hold, and the wide range of tips made with MKS make it a new generation yarn, appreciated by artists and professionals of the most varied techniques.

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