Focus: Synthetic brushes

More attention to the environment and the Cruelty Free approach increasingly lead artists to choose synthetic fibre brushes over animal fibre.

Among the synthetic fibre, How do you select the most suitable brush for the chosen technique?

A great help are the different colours of the fibres which have different uses:

The white and brown fibre, resistant and rigid, is suitable for decoration techniques and hobbies, from school to amateur ones. The low cost and the possibilities of use in the various techniques allow spreading from glue to acrylics for decoration. The fibre is short and its elasticity moves the colour on surfaces such as wood, walls and materic backgrounds, creating well-spread backgrounds, still having a precision result.

The Gold fibre is elastic and moderately soft, a feature that makes it versatile and suitable for all painting techniques, from acrylic to oil. The flexibility and tenacity of the tips creates light traces on the pictorial material, moving the colour with the artist's imprint. It is an excellent brush to start painting and if kept with care it has good resistance.

The Extra Gold fibre is very soft and light and is suitable for painting techniques where you do not want to see a defined trace, but delicate and light shades. The fibre is medium-long and allows a good amount of colour to be applied to the surface. Ideal for watercolor, defined acrylic and oil shades.

The Dark red-violet fibre is tough and resistant, and could be compared to bristle. It maintains elasticity and trace on the pictorial material and is therefore suitable for material techniques and rough backgrounds, where there is the need to move the color while maintaining an evident pictorial trace. Also excellent for wall decoration due to the tenacity of the fibre.

The Green fibre, characteristic of the Italy line, has the particularity of being soft and resistant and having a slow release of water. Ideal for techniques such as watercolor and gouache, it leaves no obvious traces; the long fibre allows a large quantity of color to be released on the work surface with uniform and homogeneous layers. ​​​​​​​

Unico synthetic fibre are a world apart to be explored: born from careful research on the properties of natural fibre, they bring back the best qualities. From the hollow fibre with slow water release in the Mangusta brush, to the resistance of the White fibre that retains the characteristics of the natural bristle, the Unico synthetic fibres are suitable for all painting techniques and for professional use.



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