Three things to know to start watercolor painting

1. The slow release of water from the brush you are using is essential to have the watercolor color well distributed on the paper, preventing everything from pouring into a single point.

For this reason we mainly choose natural fibre brushes, and also hollow synthetic fibre born from Cruelty free research, which behave in the same way as natural hair.

2. The paper is prepared by wetting the taut surface; this allows the colour to be absorbed homogeneously and above all avoids finding unpleasant little absorbent stains caused by the fingers on the paper.

Using a large mottler with soft fibre will help obtain a homogeneous distribution on the sheet and avoid scratching the paper made delicate by the absorbed water.

3. the more the brush fibre is thicker and fuller, the more colour you will have to paint avoiding, for example, lines of drying in the backgrounds: the name “tank” indicates precisely the ability of the brush to collect the colour and deposit it on the work surface.

A good amount of water colour to be deposited on the paper and using brushes with light and soft fibre that accompany the water in the painting are Fundamental to create ell-blended backgrounds. </p

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