Series 20 round brush for micro-painting with synthetic fibre and short handle.


Round tip brush for micro-painting, with gold synthetic fibre, short handle in earth-red lacquered wood with gold tip, and a nickel-plated brass ferrule.

The soft and elastic gold fibre is ideal for oil and acrylic, basic watercolours, gouache and other painting techniques not needing thickness. The short handle is ideal for its handling in small and precision jobs. The micro-paint brush bears the characteristic truly short filament that collects very little colour and allows precision processing, whilst maintaining the softness of the fibre.

Series 20 is used instead of ox hair, offering the same characteristics of lightness and elasticity, with an excellent retention of the shape of the tip as well as a medium water absorbency with natural release. The brushstroke is precise and defined, ideal for miniatures and decorative micro-painting.

The tip measurements are fractions of 0, being exceptionally thin. The handle is traditional and light. The handle is lacquered to protect the wood from deformations due to extensive immersion in water or solvents. Well-balanced, it is classic and elegant.

Packaged with a protective tube able to safeguard the tip.

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SIZE VISIBLE HAIR LENGTH (mm) DIAMETER OR WIDTH (mm) TOTAL LENGTH (range in mm) Sku Price (TAX incl.) Quantity
20/0 2 0,45 175-179 26267 €5.82
15/0 3 0,45 175-179 26268 €5.69
10/0 3,5 0,45 175-179 26269 €5.47
5/0 4 0,6 175-179 26270 €5.27
4/0 5 0,6 175-179 26271 €5.06
000 6 0,75 175-179 26272 €4.82
00 6,5 1 175-179 26273 €4.81
0 7,5 1,15 175-179 26274 €4.75

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Data sheet

Shape: Round
Trade: Pennelli per le Belle Arti
Painting Technique: Micro-painting
Diameter or Width (mm)
Visible Hair Length (mm)
Total Length (range in mm)
Availability date: 2021-12-17
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