Stefano Pedruzzi

I am Stefano Pedruzzi, I graduated in Communication Design at the Polytechnic of Milan and enrolled in the Italian Calligraphic Association, my path revolves around lettering, from graphics to calligraphy.
Starting from a street background like the one of graffiti, the interest in the anatomy of the letter expressed with ever greater ardor, the transition to the world of calligraphy was gradual.
Study, passion, determination and above all dedication have provided the skills to undertake a career based on the compositions of letters declined in every context and on every surface.
In addition to the mathematical rigor and the rules of graphics, the instinct and sensitivity of handmade work are added, which characterize a personal production in continuous evolution.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

The faithfulness and sincerity of the trait.
The brush furrows on the fertile white space of the sheet a clean, precise and punctual line, qualities necessary in my work as much as in my artistic path.
They are absolutely precise brushes, with high durability.
I found in the "Unico Mangusta" range a team of qualitatively exceptional brushes.

Discover the brushes chosen by Stefano.

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