Ailin Karić Plakalo

I am Ailin Karić Plakalo from Bosnia, a self-taught mandala artist.
With drawing I started in 2015. not even thinking that I would come near the level at where I am now.
I enjoy different arts, but mandala art is my favorite.
Drawing mandalas is my passion and the best way for me to apply my creativity.
It is always hard to learn something all by yourself when you do not have all the information about where and how to do it, that’s why I started to make tutorials for beginners in 2019.
In these YouTube videos and on my IG page @mandalabyAilin I talk about what materials to use, what colors, about my drawings when I started and other things.
Besides drawing mandalas, my other passion is nature, I especially love the beauty of flowers.
That had the result of me finishing my bachelor in Horticulture and later my masters in Floristic and Landscape design.
But, if I had to choose what to work for the rest of my life, it would be drawing mandalas.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

Since I started to draw there was the problem of finding an adequate brush for the finer details in a mandala.
It often happened that brushes just break or twist after some time, so I was skeptic about trying new brushes.
But, with these brushes from Borciani e Bonazzi, specifically the TOP GRAPHIC PRECISO line in sizes 0 and 1, I have to say that even after finishing a mandala of the size 50cm by 50cm, the brush is like new.
Also, I have tried some other brushes and I have to say that they are also very good and I am impressed with them so far.
The brushes from Borciani e Bonazzi are for anybody that draws mandalas or some other art that requires you to be precise.

Discover the brushes chosen by Allin.

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