Massimiliano Modica

I'm Massimiliano, or simply "Massy"!

The passion for drawing and painting comes from seeing my grandfather paint dozens and dozens of pictures since I was a child.

I have never followed art studies and I am self-taught, learning slowly and experimenting with new things.

As a child I started drawing cartoon characters on TV, then those of US and Disney comics, learning new techniques to approach the human cartoon figure.

In my teens I started drawing comics and I was left with a love for screenplay. From there I also appreciated the illustrated stories and was fascinated by them.

With different mediums such as dry or oil pastels, acrylics and colored pencils taken to illustrate what I imagined, as well as a long period of acrylic paintings of still lifes and landscapes.

The history with watercolor has troubled origins: not having excellent materials, I tried without success, before focusing on good quality paper and watercolors.

When I invested my resources in this medium, I discovered a new world that fascinated me so much that I understood that it is the medium with which I love to represent my fantasy, the right medium for my communication. I love its transparency, expressiveness and delicacy.

I love to illustrate animals and goblins, because they remind me of my childhood, my "magical" past.

Capturing the magic of what is hidden leaves me emotions, transports me to distant places where I would like to be and therefore I paint them!

For some time I have been illustrating books, the covers of which are in watercolor. The first of them "Pollyanna", followed by "Emily di Luna Nuova" both with Caravaggio Editore.

Internal illustrations also appear in "The woods and the seasons" published by Lindau.

Many other projects are on the horizon,


What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

I discovered Borciani e Bonazzi brushes in a shop near my home. I bought the synthetic 900 series which I found very useful in my illustrations. I love their sharp points like No. 14, compact to cover large backgrounds, but with a thin point capable of reaching details.

Other brushes that I love are those of the Unico Mangusta 800 series: soft, soft and elastic, which allow me to work even in glazes without "scratching" off the underlying color.

Magnificent Unico Infinito, my favourite, with surprising potential and a reservoir... infinity!

With Unico Infinito I made the background for the cover of “Emily di Luna Nuova”.

I paint with synthetic brushes and I love this choice of the company that respects animals.

Generally I don't like changing or using too many brushes in a work session and I love the versatility of Borciani e Bonazzi products that allow me to modulate strokes and brushstrokes, while remaining controlled.

Last but not least is the aesthetics: the design of the handle was perhaps the first thing that prompted me to buy these brushes, catching my eye!

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