What are the features of sable hair brushes and what uses are they suitable for?

Sable fibres are thin, elastic and particularly tapered, with a very soft and long tip.

These features make it excellent for many painting techniques: tempera, oil colours, acrylics, watercolours. Thanks to its absorption capability, sable hair is considered the best one for these painting techniques.

Depending on the type of selection made on the fur, sable brushes are commercially distinguished in various categories. Borciani Bonazzi uses red sable for high-quality brushes and “Kolinsky” sable for the most refined brushes, providing the professional artist with their required special performance.

Borciani and Bonazzi in its production uses the red marten for high quality brushes such as the  serie 111serie 112serie 113serie 114serie 115,  and the marten "Kolinsky" for the finest brushes, to which the professional requires particular performances such as the series 100, the series 101, the series 102, the series 105, the series 106, the  series 107, the series 109/T and the brushes series 204.

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