What are the features of ox-hair brushes and what uses are they suitable for?

Similarly to all other types of natural hair, Ox-hair is first sterlised through boiling and then processed through various procedures to allow this natural fibre to preserve its peculiar features. Most of this process is jealously kept as a production secret.

Only Europe has maintained the ability to process ox-hair in this traditional fashion, and this is the main reason why the hair produced here is particularly valuable.

 As previously used by the Etruscans in the 4th century B.C. for their frescoes in Tarquinia and by the ancient Egyptians for decorating the pyramids, this type of hair has always been used for refined brushes where there was a need for them to be polyvalent for various painting techniques.

Ox-hair excellence is evident when compared to the much more coarse bristle hair.

The Borciani Bonazzi brand started being associated with excellent quality coming from the expert use of the best selections of ox-hair since the very beginning of their business production.

The selection requested by Borciani Bonazzi is so accurate that it has become a category of goods over time.

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