FOCUS: Unico Infinito brush

Borciani e Bonazzi expands its Unico series with a particular and outstanding new brush: Borciani e Bonazzi UNICO Infinito, the new born from our continuous search for innovation and sustainability, focusing on high-performance water painting techniques.

It is larger than average even in sizes (0, 2 and 4) and has a peculiar full drop shape with a thin tip.  Let's analyse the 4 specifications: shape, fibre, handle and performance.

The shape –  it is an extremely soft Bombasino brush, with a particular and recognizable shape whose fibres are tied by hand and held back by a rubber heat-shaped tube with double binding in brass wire that serves as ferrule.  The very thin tip and the round and wide tuft base, allow you to work with very thin strokes alternating with wide ones, without having to change the type of brush. The tip is able to get back its shape once soaked in water and after a wrist strong gesture in order to eliminate the excessive water from UNICO Infinito

The fibre - Borciani e Bonazzi Hidro synthetic fibre is a true cruelty-free technological innovation, combining extreme softness with an exceptional water absorbency. Hidro fibre retains huge amounts of diluted colour and the fullness of the tank releases slowly and gradually, equating and even overcoming the characteristics of softer natural hairs such as squirrel and sable, without damaging the natural ecosystems. Borciani e Bonazzi UNICO Infinito absorbs about 2 cl of water in 2 minutes of water-soaking, and greatly increases the volume of its fibre, and consequently of the colour tank.

The handle - ergonomic and balanced, the handle of Borciani e Bonazzi Unico Infinito is made of ultralight resin with a extra-grip 3D texture.
Black and super modern, with a rigorous and technical appearance, it is short and extremely manageable and allows you to give precise brushstrokes and without pressure streaks.

The absence of the metal in the ferrule and its lightness, combined with the thinner ergonomic shape in the part of the normal handle, make it comfortable for long and precision work. Even the "tail resistance”, typical of wet-on-wet techniques, is easy and balanced.

The Performance – precious brush, for high level performance in the watercolour technique, Borciani e Bonazzi Unico Infinito has both a capacity for huge colour release to create homogeneous backgrounds and a tip able to define even the smallest detail.

Very soft and generous, it releases water slowly like a large natural squirrel brush.

It is a pleasure to see the very thin tip returning perfectly into shape simply by dumping excess water with a wrist gesture.

A brush for professionals that simplifies life even for those who have recently approached watercolour.



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