Video tutorial: Fiammato UNICO Paintbrush Series

This video tutorial shows the features of the Fiammato paintbrushes from Unico brush series, and helps you to learn how to use them. The highly absorbent and elastic Fiammato fibre is suitable for painting precise lines. It performs at its best with very diluted colours, such as watercolor techniques and diluted watercolour pastels.

Fiammato Paintbrushes from UNICO Paintbrush Series: features and suggested painting techniques
The Fiammato series brushes have a very soft, slow water release fiber that is very absorbent and at the same time elastic, allowing us to paint particularly precise lines. A special feature among the brush's three tips is the cat’s tongue tip, which has a more triangular shape than other forms of traditional filbert brushes.

Test of the Fiammato paintbrushes with ink on paper
With the application and coating of Indian ink on blotting paper with the Fiammato series' cat’s tongue brush, we can see the exact definition of the triangular tip, creating shapes that go from being very wide to extremely thin, and allowing us an incredible flexibility of movement.

Test of the Fiammato paintbrushes with watercolor on paper
The Fiammato series is ideal for both watercolors and diluted watercolor pastels thanks to its slow water release and the very high absorbency of its fibres. When used with watercolors, we can coat backgrounds with slow water release, obtaining a perfect covering.

Test of the Fiammato paintbrushes with acrylic paint on canvas
The Fiammato brush is ideal for diluted acrylic color coating (and therefore highly diluted acrylic representations) as well as for full color.

Test of the Fiammato paintbrushes with oil paint on canvas
When we use the Fiammato series with oil painting techniques, we get the softest veils in wet color, or shading and gradients on the top part in dry color, adding medium. The Fiammato series will always perform at its best with a very diluted color.

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