Video introducing Borciani Bonazzi paintbrush soap

This video shows how to use Borciani Bonazzi neutral vegetable soap, poured in an aluminium box, a special soap suitable for cleaning artist's paintbrushes with special emollients and moisturising ingredients. This soap removes any paint traces from the brushes, maintaining the brushes' shape over time, and expanding their life span.

Borciani Bonazzi soap for cleaning artist's paint brushes
Borciani Bonazzi soap is a neutral vegetable soap suitable for cleaning artist's paint brushes. It helps removing perfectly but very softly all residual traces of color, maintaining at the same time very soft fibers.
Thanks to its emollients and moisturizing ingredients, it can also be used to revive brushes with partly damaged or very stiff fibers, and it does not alter the brush shape.

Aluminum box package: easy to use and no product waste
With its practical aluminum box the Borciani Bonazzi soap can be used completely without being wasted or spilled.

Paint brush cleaner formula
Its formula contains precious and pleasantly fragrant essential oils. This special soap can be used for both natural and synthetic hairs and can be utilized with either cold or lukewarm water.

How to use Borciani Bonazzi soap for cleaning artist's paint brushes made from natural or synthetic fiber
To clean the artist's paintbrushes with the utmost care it is advisable to proceed as follows:
Soften the brush tip with plenty of lukewarm water.
Use the brush on the soap in its aluminum box under running water with a circular movement.
After that, rinse the brush by moving the hair from the root to the top, until any residue of paint and soap has been removed.
Put the fibers back into shape with your fingers.
Let the brush dry naturally, far from any source of heat.

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