Ida Tentolini

I started to develop my passion for drawing and painting from an early age and therefore I chose to attend the "Paolo Toschi" Art Institute in Parma to deepen my preparation by graduating as an Art Teacher.
After a period of research between the different painting techniques, I discovered and started to experience the wonderful but difficult art of water.
Since 2000 I have dedicated myself exclusively to this technique for many unknowns but for me fascinating.
Nature and its many engaging and poetic aspects are an important source of inspiration for me.
I have participated in numerous national and international exhibitions and events, in France, Belgium, Cairo, Mexico City, Lausanne, and more recently in a selection for a World Exhibition in 2014, held in Narbonne (France).
Since 2005 I have been a member of the AIA (Italian Association of Watercolorists) of Milan, since 2014 of the Cultural Association ADAFA (CR) and of the Cremonese Artists Association (CR).
Since 2005 I have been holding watercolour courses at the Sanguanini Foundation in Rivarolo Mantovano and in Parma.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

I have been painting in watercolour for about 23 years. I started to know the Borciani and Bonazzi brushes in the various synthetic and natural series (Martora Kolinsky, Vaio), discovering them very effective, with a good return of form, lasting and flexible. Even the Synthetic 900 series and the SINTELUX series, round and flat, convinced me to use them during my lessons and in my watercolour courses.
As well as the series brushes 301-302 in size 20, I greatly appreciated them for the execution of both landscapes and flowers.
I have accumulated a wide range of Borciani and Bonazzi series but growing up, artistically speaking, I continued the search for the perfect brush that would allow me to quickly create a watercolour, with high quality tools and I must say that thanks to the 850 Unico Infinito series, it met my expectations many.

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