Nikolay Solodov

Nikolay Solodov, is an architect, born in 1965, in the USSR, raised in Uzbekistan, in the city of Tashkent.
His first and most important art teacher was his grandfather.
As an architect, he often worked from home, and he looked at him with admiration.
In his spare time, his favorite activity was spending time with his grandfather and painting with watercolors.
Thanks to him he discovered the laws of linear and aerial perspective, he taught him the secret of mixing colors, the laws of the interaction between lights and shadows and reflections.
His mother, when the grandfather was gone, collected all his drawings, took him by the hand and led him to the children's art studio.
His father was also an architect. He taught him to see and love the beauty that surrounds him, to love nature.
In 1982 he entered the architecture department of the Polytechnic and also became an architect.
For 25 years he was absorbed by the work of architect that kept him away from brushes and colors until then, moving to Russia, only in 2016, wandering around an art salon he could not resist and bought brushes, colors and paper and that was the beginning of his long-delayed dream.
Since 2019 he has actively participated in international exhibitions and until 2021 he managed to participate in 48 exhibitions around the world, in 18 of which he won prizes.
His works are in private collections in Russia, Italy, France, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, United States, Canada, Vietnam.
He is a member of the Global IWS International Watercolor Society.
He now conducts numerous online courses and lectures and is happy to share his experience with students.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

First of all, I like the attitude and philosophy of Borciani and Bonazzi towards what they do and for those who do it.
Respect for history and tradition combined with innovation and modern technology.
I believe and feel that objects, as well as people, have the energy and memory of events.
The paper resembles the touch of the brush and the brush resembles the warmth of the hand.
The brush recalls the passion of the Borciani e Bonazzi workers, who made it and handed it over to the artist. 
When I hold a brush of Borciani e Bonazzi, I feel that it becomes an extension of my hand, it is so ergonomic and natural and the music is born, and I feel like a conductor! 
Also in the Borciani e Bonazzi brushes you can perceive all the Handmade Italian quality, these are the ones I preferred:
- The incredibly soft brushes made of natural vaio from the 168 and 201/V series, glide gently on paper, for as long as I need, thanks to the great ability to retain color. At the same time, it is easy to turn a large stretch into a thin line.
- The 700 Silvia Molinari series, irreplaceable in outdoor painting and when you are on the road for travel. I really appreciated the innovative use of high quality synthetic fibre that imitates the characteristics of the natural and makes the brushes extremely durable.
- The brushes of the 107/V series are excellent for miniatures and small sketches and for making small details, and personally as an architect, I particularly love the details.

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