Claudia Scano

Claudessedesign was born from a strong need to express my feelings towards nature.
I grew up in the province, in a town in Sardinia that paradoxically had very little of Sardinian.
For this reason, the goal has always been to research my roots. Today I can finally say I found them.
Nature is my home.
What defines Claudessedesign is the representation of nature in the most varied forms, maintaining romanticism, simplicity and authentic beauty.
For my works I have chosen watercolor because it is the technique that better expresses and represents nature on paper.
My color palette is very varied, I don't use grays, whites and blacks, but only bright and delicate colors.
Greens, pinks and blues cannot be missing in my studio.
Recently I have been dealing with the realization of wedding projects, botanical illustrations and illustrations of the objects we see every day without a soul, but represented with watercolor, they change shape and are seen in a different, more elegant and delicate condition.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

I use the synthetic series 800, created to imitate the characteristics of a natural hair, and leave the artist extremely satisfied.
The color is released little by little, not all together like the usual synthetic brushes, and this is the main reason why I choose this line;
In addition, I also use series 375 ox hair, an excellent line for watercolor, it retains the color well and allows me to make more intense application;
the 111 red sable series, for details, very soft and elastic at the same time, very delicate on paper and the 106 Kolinsky sable series, the most noble, also in detail and is really excellent.

Discover the brushes chosen by Claudia.



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