What are the recommendations for cleaning and maintenance of the brushes?

In order to ensure a better performance and a longer lifespan of the Borciani Bonazzi brushes, a few simple operations are sufficient to preserve the shape and quality of these outstanding painting tools.
After each use, remove as much paint as possible with the help of a cloth: the right movement goes from the ferrule to the tip of the brush.
Only after using nitrogen paint or synthesis paint, as a first step, dip the brush in a solvent a few times, until all traces of paint are removed.
Then clean the brush in lukewarm water with Marseille soap or with the Borciani Bonazzi soap, a specific cleaning soap for artist paint brushes, that comes in an easy-to-use aluminum box. This special neutral vegetable soap perfectly removes any paint left overs and preserves at the same time the shape of the brush. The Borciani Bonazzi soap contains moisturizing and hydrating agents, coming from gently smelling natural essential oils, that help to retain the shape of the brush point after cleaning.
For the following step, rinse the brush under running water, making sure that no traces of paint are left on the ferrule and hairs.
Let the brush dry naturally at room temperature, after reshaping the brush to its original form using your fingers, and after draining the water from the tip.
Always store your paint brush upright with the hairs up, so that the tip does not touch any surfaces that may change its shape, especially when wet.
Finally, don’t forget to sprinkle a dry moth-killing product among the brushes, when they are stored for a longer period.

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