Series 700 Molinari round brush with imitation squirrel synthetic fibre and resin handle


Round tip travel brush with imitation squirrel synthetic fibre, a brass handle with closable cap and nickel-plated brass ferrule.

The brushes designed with the botanical watercolourist Silvia Molinari are ideal for watercolour and oil shading. The microporous and thin synthetic fibre guarantees a high hygroscopic level, meaning an extreme water absorbency capacity without release, except upon being pressed on a surface. Silvia teaches watercolour classes held throughout Italy, hence she was seeking a line of products that were easily transportable and suitable for painting en plein air.

The grey resin handle is highly durable and stable, able to be immersed in water without deforming and heavier than traditional woodden handles to guarantee excellent balance. The brass capsule is very solid and has a large diameter to ensure excellent grip and a firm hand for small strokes on paper. The capsule is perforated at the end to allow air flow and thus the drying of the brush once stored. When closed, the brush bears an identification number for recognising its size without having to open it.

A travel brush with ferrule guarantees particular precision in the details. Ideal for defining petals, leaves, lights, small sketches of people and objects. Its form makes it ideal for use on media such as notebooks, albums and carnet de voyage.


Series 700 Silvia Molinari in hollow synthetic fibre combines the characteristics of excellent watertightness typical of natural fibres with a uniform and precise line that distinguishes synthetic fibres.

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SIZE VISIBLE HAIR LENGTH (mm) DIAMETER OR WIDTH (mm) TOTAL LENGTH (range in mm) Sku Price (TAX incl.) Quantity
0 18 3,9 205-209 26593 €27.63
2 25 6 205-209 26594 €30.60
4 33 8,1 205-209 26595 €34.15
6 35 8,7 205-209 26596 €36.44

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Data sheet

Collection: Silvia Molinari
Shape: Round
Painting Technique: Watercolor
Diameter or Width (mm)
Visible Hair Length (mm)
Total Length (range in mm)
Availability date: 2021-12-17
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