PORTRAIT KIT By Romina Illuzzi with 7 BRUSHES BeB Series


From the artist's selection comes a kit of practical, versatile and essential brushes to capture facial features with the noble art of watercolour portraiture. The Kit contains 7 brushes: • Series 203 size 20 • Series 903 size 4, 8 and 12 • 400 series size 6 and 12 • Series 168/S size 1 ROMINA ILLUZZI SPECIAL EDITION The artist describes the brushes as follows: • Series 203 size 20: the perfect mottler for wet-on-wet painting, it supports paint with a creamy consistency, to be applied on a good surface in just a few steps; excellent for backgrounds and – thanks to the flat tip – for precisely delineating the contours on the lighter areas of faces that stand out against dark backgrounds. • Series 903 size 4, 8 and 12: the flat and angled tip is great for creating depth in strands of hair. Using the brush with hardly any water, the fibre separate in order to create thin parallel strokes. Also ideal for small-scale erasing, by wetting then drying the tip on paper. • 400 series size 6 and 12: with the excellent reservoir, I recommend this for the smallest details as well as for small-scale glazes and for those precise colour spots that enrich applications in the final stages. When I work on dried material, it is perfect for working fast. • Series 168/S Size 1 – ROMINA ILLUZZI SPECIAL EDITION: caresses the page, being indispensable due to the uniform glazes that I use to shade the finished portrait. The application is ample and compact, because it is guaranteed by a reservoir that is not only large but also delicate. The tip allows you to work with equal care given to the details.

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Collection: Silvana Romina Illuzzi
Painting Technique: Gouache
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