Paola Masala

My name is Paola Masala and, since 2014, I work with decoration and restoration.
After completing my academic studies, I started working with companies that allowed me to train on the field, giving me the opportunity to participate in important construction sites in my city and beyond.
Since 2014, I have approached to my profession of restoration, the illustration activity mainly using traditional techniques such as watercolor.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

I love everything!
Mainly their versatility of use on different types of support.
In particular, the 800 series which, simulates the characteristics of natural hair, in an excellent way and with an affordable price.
The brush is always soft, smooth and with a large tank, a particularity of the natural bristle but, more resistant to wear, especially on ""difficult"" substrates such as plaster.
A fundamental quality, during the pictorial retouching phases of a wall painting, where the tip of the brush tends not to always remain in shape.
Another peculiarity that makes me appreciate this series, especially on the paper support that I use for my illustrations, is the tendency to give color gradually, allowing you to control the pigment and water.

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