Giulia Clerici

My name is Giulia Clerici and I am an illustrator.
I love to paint colorful foods, starry skies and fantastic stories, and I always do it trying to tell a unique story, made of memories, emotions, sensations, which conveys serenity and openness to the world around us.
The illustration is part of my "second working life": I graduated in electronic engineering, specializing in non-linear optics, and before following my passion I (happily) worked for a dozen years in the Energy sector.
With the birth of my daughter I discovered the illustrated books and the wonderful world of illustration for children: from there my passion for watercolors exploded, I started painting and I never stopped!
I could say I'm self-taught, but it's not really true.
Since I was a child I have loved to create, paint, and I have had the good fortune to have a mother artist and painter who taught me many things, and a grandfather sculptor I unfortunately didn't know but I can still admire and study his wonderful works.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

I don't like to change brush when I paint in watercolor, so the ideal is to have one large enough to hold a lot of water and paint large backgrounds but with a fine tip to be able to work on the details.
I found in the brushes of the 168 series in vaio the perfect combination of these two characteristics, the no. 4 has become the extension of my hand!

Discover the brushes chosen by Giulia.

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