Shellie Carmen

Shellie Carmen is a watercolor, gouache and calligraphy artist based in Davao City, Philippines.
"I discovered my love for watercolor in 2018 and calligraphy in 2015 as a form of rest and escape from my busy job as a certified public accountant.
Later on, it grew from a mere hobby to a more serious pursuit.
I now get to work on different commissioned projects and I also host workshops to share what I know to aspiring artists.
My watercolor subjects are mostly florals, but I am also learning landscape.
Lately, I am also exploring gouache as a medium.
My learning is growing every time I pick up my brushes and start creating.
Painting and calligraphy serve as a reminder to me that nothing is impossible for a person willing to grow."

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

What I like the most about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes is the balance between flexibility and control.
Whether I work on loose or realistic florals, these brushes are such amazing tools!
I am also able to use them for calligraphy because of its firmness and workability.
My favorites so far are the 800 and 820 Sintetico series.
With these brushes, I can achieve accuracy in my desired outputs with the variety of strokes it can create from the tiny details to the thick strokes. 

Discover the brushes chosen by Shellie.

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