Erica Calardo

Erica Calardo (Genoa, 1980) is a figurative painter living and working in Bologna, Italy.
Her medium of choice is oil painting, through wich she explores beauty, grotesque, loneliness, magic, philosophy by creating oneiric and dreamlike figures who tell tales of long forgotten dreams, of an imaginary timeless past.
Deeply rooted in the Italian Tradition, her technique is inspired by the Renaissance and Mannerism with forays into Pop Surrealism and illustration.
Her education is eclectic (degree in philosophy, PhD in mathematical logic).  
Since 2010, she has showcased her work in important galleries in Italy and abroad, especially in USA.
Erica's paintings have appeared in several magazines and books.
She is in love with ancient castles, old christmas postcards, memento mori from the Victorian Age, logic, history of art, four poster beds, baroque clothing, fairytales, mirrors, harpsichords, ghost stories, and punk rock music.

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