700 series - The project

by Silvia Molinari

I have been invited to take part in the development of a special range of artist brushes.
As the countryside grows quiet, the result of this idea that was cultivated over months is now in the palm of my hands. Believe me, I am excited.

For the first time I have been behind the scenes: I saw the fibres in the manufacturing plant and I held them in the palm of my hand.
I was told about the manufacturing process and the thousands of precautions in place to make sure every brush is fully functional for its intended use.
Watercolour, oil, acrylics, calligraphy, make-up and varnishing brushes… a wide universe of brushes.

I am very glad of having played a role in the defining stages of the project and having been selected to take care of it first-hand in the role of field expert.

We created Series 700. It was born from the company’s desire for innovation and research, mixed with a crazy and amazing company history animated by artisans with great experience.

Series 700 is something completely new, designed by artists who are real experts in what they do.

How are then these brushes? So beautiful.

Hollow synthetic fibres, French quill ferrule, balanced handle, and brass capsule.Versatile and highly performing.That results in an easy colour application, where the colour is held by the fibres in abundance and slowly released without any colour overflow, drops or irregular strokes.The brushes feel comfortable in your grip.

The paint stroke is clean and uniform, with sharp and precise marks. The brush reacts very well to changes of direction and intensity, as you would expect from an outstanding synthetic brush. The exceptional capability of absorbing water reminds of the peculiarities of natural bristles, just like its smoothness in performing large uniform background painting.

In simple words, this new range combines the excellent characteristics of natural hair and synthetic fibres.

The closing capsule allows a safe transportation and protection over time. I don’t usually travel around with brushes, as I often bring only pencils with me, but that will be changing now.
It often happens that a technical change brings to artistic revolutions: in my case there has been an evolution. I can clearly see that in my latest artworks.

If you are curious, you can still see them yourself at the Salamon Fine Art gallery.

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