Virtours - Art & Virtue 2017


On December 1st, Borciani Bonazzi organizes the third edition of Virtours, the annual open house event to celebrate "The quality of man, who shows his value through his actions".

This year we have invited the Master Luthiers of Cremona, who choose Borciani Bonazzi paintbrushes to create the unique pieces of the most famous musical instruments in the world.

A day to open the doors of the company illustrating the production and allowing to discover the peculiarities of our historic manufacturing of fine art brushes that distinguished us since 1951.

A unique opportunity to experience the moments of creating the Borciani Bonazzi brushes together with the owners of the secrets of the most famous instruments in the world.

The Master Luthiers of Cremona guests of Borciani Bonazzi for Virtours 2017.
On Friday 1st December 2017 the Violinmakers of Confartigianato Cremona, accompanied by Vice-President Luthier Stefano Trabucchi, visited the headquarters of Borciani Bonazzi in Casalmaggiore on the occasion of the third edition of Virtours.
Virtours is the event that for three years Borciani Bonazzi has been dedicating to Culture, and to Man with his ability to create works of inestimable value thanks to his qualities and his creative genius.
This special edition represented the true soul of the project: celebrate "The quality of man, who shows his value through his actions".
The meeting between the leading figures of Italian and international violinmaking and the workers of the Fine Arts Borciani Bonazzi brushes has created a unique opportunity to share, exchange and discover the secrets of these two arts.
A delegation of eighteen Italian and foreigner luthiers visited the Borciani Bonazzi headquarters, where they were able to learn about the production phases of traditional brushes and the research and development studies of the most innovative patents. This generated an exchange of skills between the production of brushes and the Masters who make the most famous musical instruments in the world every day.
A unique opportunity for Borciani Bonazzi to show how the creation of each brush is based on traditional skills and gestures that have been handed down for over fifty years with studies of innovation and research on forms, materials and production techniques.
An artisan process, where the attention to detail is essential to achieve the best results, offering the end user a tool that guarantees performance, durability and precision.
On the occasion, Masters Stefano Trabucchi and Stefano Conia, professor of the Cremona International Violin Making School, showed the company staff the stages of decorating a violin, underlining how the Borciani Bonazzi brushes best meet the needs of a special technique which requires the application of 30 coats of paint, with a formula particularly rich in elements chosen to enhance the precious essences used.
The day ended with a performance by two Masters Luthiers who paid tribute to the company staff with an exciting private violin concert.
Borciani Bonazzi would like to thank Master Luthiers of Cremona for this unique meeting, for the participation and sharing of love for Italian and Cremonese culture, which is achieved thanks to the passion, artistic skills and craftsmanship of Masters who are dedicated to keeping alive a tradition without equal.



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