Summer has arrived and with it a lot of free time: free your creativity during summer afternoons!
Here we have 4 simple activities to do to make your summer unique.

1.REFRESH YOUR HOME decorating a wall with BLACKBOARD ART, or changing color to a piece of furniture! Use ITALIA 1951 series, with the elastic and soft synthetic green fiber and the attractive design that celebrates Made in Italy, to create new decorations for your home. Blackboard Art is the technique of decorating whiteboards, it mixes lettering and decorative elements to create a harmonious paintings, and can be made on any support: Paint a canvas, a wooden panel, or even a small wall with a black tint and using the 404 series brush. After drying, trace your design with a white chalk and paint letters and decorations with a Chalk White painting using 400 and 401 brushes: the stroke will be soft and easy thanks to the softness and elasticity of the fibers! Do you have a discolored piece of furniture or a small wooden accessory that you'd like to paint? Let’s give it new life with the colours of summer! Paint the base with a bright color, wait until it dries and with the 401 brush create a coating effect!

2. REFRESH YOUR STYLE decorating unique and super ecological bags with color and lettering!

Use the 900 series, in gold synthetic fibre, which is elastic and flexible. It will help you in the drafting of color for fabric on bags in natural canvas and raw fabric!

Insert a sheet of paper inside the bag or under your fabric to prevent the color from changing on the other side: with the 902 series, a soft-mark cat’s tongue brush, spread the color in contrasting spots and let it dry.

Draw with a watercolor pencil the subject and paint with 900 and 901 brushes:  the high elasticity will allow you to have precise and defined strokes! Fix the colour after drying by steamless ironing on the back of the painted fabric.

3. REFRESH YOUR HOLIDAYS by creating simple and beautiful watercolor cards/postcards to share your holidays with friends!

Use the 800 and 801 Mongoose series to create simple postcard-sized landscapes of your holiday; the soft and very absorbent synthetic fiber will help you in stain-free color drafting!

Wet the bottom of the watercolor paper with the flat brush, and spread the bottom with a very diluted color. With the round brush prepare the color of the close-ups and paint trees, flowers and mountains on the dry background.

If you want to practice writing the name of your best friend, use the Magic paper : with the wet brush only with water you can trace endless strokes, which will disappear in a few minutes, avoiding to throw precious paper!

And it is also a great way to make your children paint endlessly: the water draws a black line clearly visible for the first moments, until it disappears without traces, as in a beautiful magic!

4. REFRESH YOUR DAYS WITH KIDS finding more time to share and paint with your children with tempera and watercolors, and much more!

Use the ECOECOL series, economic and ecological, with a white soft and resistant synthetic fibre, suitable even for children.

The excellent hold of the round brush series 32 and the flat brush series 33 are suitable for the pressures of small hands, and to the passages between tempera, watercolors and vinyl glues! The wooden handle resists prolonged diving and distractions, without weighing on the wallet!!

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