André Kano was born in S. Paulo, Brazil. Strongly influenced by his father’s profession as a painter, he showed a remarkable talent for drawing at an early age. Before leaving Brazil, Kano worked both as an illustrator and as a graphic designer, professional activities he continued to pursue subsequent to his arrival in Portugal in 1989. Despite his professional focus in the area of graphic design, André Kano never quite forgot that his true passion was for painting. It was through this activity that he was enabled to break free of the creative constraints imposed by his professional life. The resultant sense of freedom allowed his creative imagination to flow unrestrained. Their features are revealed as colour creates rhythm, generates texture and moulds light itself to capture more than the senses alone are capable of.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?


“I love IL DOPPIO brush that I take on all my plein air actions as its case allows for ease of transport. Practical and functional, in addition to the excellent quality of the results. My studio work is equally perfect, being precise in the details. I can't live without him.”

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