Eloise Barbanera

My name is Eloise Barbanera, Decorator, Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist and Blend is my creative studio in Rome.
After a long period of Academic education and personal research, I combined my studies in Fine Arts and Advertising Graphics, with a passion for Lettering and Typography.
Lettering is the art of drawing letters.
My work is therefore based on the design and creation of writings and phrases, where words acquire unique colors, shapes and characters.
Together with symbols, designs and patterns, they create real artistic compositions that aim for direct and decorative communication.
The fields of application of Lettering are varied, from the design of brands and  brand Identity, to the creation of decorations on walls, shop windows, signs, blackboards and shutters, up to the personalization of design objects, clothing and accessories.
I am an incurable coffee lover and between brushstrokes I like to recharge my energy with a good coffee. I deeply love my little boy and I can't wait to put a wonderful Borciani e Bonazzi brush in his hands, to let him discover that life is made of shades.

What do you love about Borciani e Bonazzi brushes?

I strongly believe that tools do the job, and the letters must always be perfect.
For this reason, when I create very large murals I always use the 300 series which gives me great satisfaction, because the strokes of the letters I paint are clear and precise.
For smaller surfaces or the customization of products, I love the 810/811 series because it is comfortable to hold and very elegant.
In fact, I like to keep the brushes exposed on the shelves of my studio and always add new ones.

Discover the brushes chosen by Eloise.

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