Series 45/V flat brush with blonde hog bristle and short handle.


Standarino brush with blonde hog bristle, short contoured handle in earth-red lacquered wood with gold tip and nickel-plated brass ferrule.

The blonde hog bristle is characterised by a conical and feathered structure on top, offering good absorbency and a medium-slow release for fluid paints, whilst maintaining good elasticity in the brushstrokes.

Series 45/V has the characteristic standarino form, being full and narrow at the base then wide and rounded at the tip, making it possible not to leave any lines along the outsides of the application. Ideal for water-based paints, it is used for drafting, patination and backdrops in soft shades with acrylic, tempera and oil for the medium-slow release of the fluids. The handle is short and easy to handle, suitable for work on horizontal surfaces and changes in direction.

Packaged with the special protective tube in transparent plastic.


The line is soft, without any obvious strokes, creating a drop-like shape without tip when pressure is applied.

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SIZE VISIBLE HAIR LENGTH (mm) DIAMETER OR WIDTH (mm) TOTAL LENGTH (range in mm) Sku Price (TAX incl.) Quantity
0 25 8,5 205-209 24531 €10.13
1 28 9,5 210-214 24532 €10.35
2 31 11 210-214 24533 €11.46
3 34 12,5 225-229 24534 €12.79
4 37 14,5 240-244 24535 €13.71
5 40 17 250-254 24536 €16.21
6 43 19 250-254 24537 €16.93
7 46 20 255-259 24538 €19.62

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Data sheet

Shape: Flat
Trade: Pennelli per le Belle Arti
Painting Technique: Industrial Use
Diameter or Width (mm)
Visible Hair Length (mm)
Total Length (range in mm)
Availability date: 2021-12-17
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