Series 145 flogger brush with horsehair and wooden handle


Flogger brush with extra long horsehair, short handle in natural wood and nickel-plated brass ferruòe. Horsehair is characterised by an extreme softness given by the undulation of the filaments and by good water release and colour absorbency. It is ideal for creating particular effects in shading and veining when "beaten" on the support side. Series 145 is characterised by a natural hair as long as the handle and ferrule, being extremely soft and super resistant. When pressure is applied, it creates a long rectangular stroke. The brushstroke is very light and extremely flexible, included in a single size given the particularity of use. Appreciated by decorators and restorers alike. The handle is short, natural, balanced and light, being very manageable and suitable for particular details and on horizontal and vertical work surfaces. THE LINE The line is long, broad and free from any obvious edges, suitable for the lightest shading.

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SIZE VISIBLE HAIR LENGTH (mm) DIAMETER OR WIDTH (mm) TOTAL LENGTH (range in mm) Sku Price (TAX incl.) Quantity
80 13,5 79,4 200-204 24552 €39.55

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Data sheet

Shape: Mottler
Trade: Pennelli per le Belle Arti
Painting Technique: Wood Imitation
Diameter or Width (mm)
Visible Hair Length (mm)
Total Length (range in mm)
Availability date: 2021-12-17
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