copy of BLACK BRUSH HOLDER complete with 10 MONGOOSE BRUSHES Series BeB


Black brush holder complete with 10 Unico Mongoose series brushes. Within the kit there are: Series 800 Size 0, 8 and 16, Series 801 Size 4, 12 and 18, Series 802 Size 0-6-12-16. Mongoose fibre is characterised by great softness and absorbency along with a slow release of water. It is ideal for watercolours and painting techniques requiring reduced thicknesses and high degrees of dilution, such as diluted acrylic or oil in very light glazing. Much appreciated by watercolourists and illustrators and colour professionals. Mongoose fibre perfectly replaces softer animal hairs. The ergonomic handle is balanced with a patented medium-length grip that reduces strain on the joints of the hand thanks to its larger diameter. It is equipped with an anti-rolling system with a horizontal hollow that stops the brush from slipping across the work surface. Ideal for painting en plein air and whilst travelling. Packaged in a resealable and reusable black PVC case.

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€14.14 (VAT incl.)
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