Scopri i Segreti dei Paesaggi ad Acquerello con Ida Tentolini!

Discover the Secrets of Watercolor Landscapes with Ida Tentolini!

Step into the magical world of watercolor and explore the art of landscapes with the renowned Master Artist, Ida Tentolini.

Join us for an unparalleled artistic adventure, where you will learn to capture the exciting essence of every scene by eliminating unnecessary details and focusing on the colors that inspire you the most. You will also learn how to choose the perfect tools to achieve each brushstroke.

During the workshop, personally guided by Ida Tentolini, you will immerse yourself in watercolor techniques. You will create tonal sketches to understand color values and study perspective.

Through a fascinating journey, you will harmoniously select colors from your palette to bring your masterpiece to life. With ideal brushes and tools for natural brushstrokes, you will follow Ida Tentolini's guidance to learn how to manipulate water, colors, and brushes to convey the true essence of landscapes and natural elements onto paper.

Paesaggio ad acquerello con Artista Ida Tendolini - Borciani e Bonazzi

I dettagli del Workshop Paesaggi ad Acquerello - Borciani e Bonazzi

Details of the Watercolor Landscapes Workshop

Date: Saturday, April 13, 2024, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Location: Borciani e Bonazzi Headquarters, Via E. Vanoni 37, Casalmaggiore (CR)

Work side by side with the artist herself and uncover secrets and tips directly from her twenty years of experience. With only 12 spots available, this is a unique opportunity to receive direct feedback and deepen your connection with art.

Let yourself be guided by natural inspiration and discover how brushes, color, and water become the watercolorist's privileged allies.

Refine your technical skills and capture the beauty of nature on paper.

Bring along your favorite colors, and let the organization take care of the rest!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to explore the magic of watercolor-painted landscapes with Ida Tentolini. Reserve your spot before it's too late!

Join us for a unique artistic experience and uncover your creative potential with Ida Tentolini as your guide.

Biografia dell'Artista Ida Tentolini - Borciani e Bonazzi

Biography of Artist Ida Tentolini

Ida Tentolini, a master artist with over 23 years of experience in perfecting the watercolor technique, is a prominent figure in contemporary art.

Her artistic sensitivity, nurtured through her education, initially led her to a naturalistic approach and a gradual understanding of landscapes, which remains one of her favorite themes in a picturesque sense.

Her experimental exploration of technique, personal experiences, and numerous opportunities for exchange over the years have resulted in a profound evolution of her artistic language, allowing her to achieve complete expressive freedom no longer bound by drawing or the recognizability of forms.

Since 2005, Ida Tentolini has been associated with the Associazione Acquarellisti Italiani (Italian Watercolorists Association) and has been involved in international initiatives such as FabrianoinAcquarello as one of the leading artists.

In this role, she has participated in numerous significant exhibitions in Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Estonia, Mexico, Indonesia, and soon Australia.

Acquerello dell'Artista Ida Tentolini - Borciani e Bonazzi
Acquerello dell'Artista Ida Tentolini - Borciani e Bonazzi

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