What are the features of vair hair brushes and what uses are they suitable for?

The term “vair” refers to squirrel hair, a very soft and flexible fur, that is treated according to an age-old processing technique handed down by furriers.
In the original version of Cinderella - whose French title is “Cendrillon ou la petite pantoufle de vair” - the glass slipper was made from vair. The first translator seems to have mistaken vair for verre, which means “glass”, from which the translation to glass slipper.
The characteristic flexibility and fineness of this type of hair make it especially suitable for painting on ceramics and for use with watercolors.
Borciani Bonazzi’s gilding flat brushes on cardboard made from vair hair are unique and appreciated by professional gilders. A fine selection of this fur is used in particular to produce an article in our Masterpiece series, dedicated to watercolor enthusiasts.

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