What are the features of bristle brushes and what uses are they suitable for?

The hair used for bristle brushes comes from hog hair processing. This type of hair too has been used since ancient times, and its best preparers are found in China, the homeland of General Meng Tian (3rd century B.C.) to whom the invention of the first writing brush is attributed, made with goat hair found on a defensive wall.
The bristle is considered the perfect raw material in Cennino Cennini’s “Libro dell’Arte” (Book of Art) at the beginning of the 15th century. It is a fiber, very tenacious at first, not well suited for precision painting unless properly treated. For fine art brushes, Cennini recommended using the bristles of the large brushes used by whitewashers, worn out by energetic use and by contact with lime, therefore showing the importance of processing in order to obtain a fiber that, due to its elasticity and softness, is suitable for use in artistic painting.
Borciani Bonazzi selects bristles according to the same strict criterion applied to the selection of more valuable hairs, to guarantee products of flawless quality.

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