Video tutorial: Silver UNICO Paintbrush Series

This video tutorial shows the features of the Silver paintbrushes from Unico brush series, and helps you to learn how to use them. The highly absorptive micro-perforated Silver yarn has medium-slow release, a feature that makes it suitable for any painting technique, with both diluted and thick color.
Silver Paintbrushes from UNICO Paintbrush Series: features and suggested painting techniques
The Silver brushes of UNICO are synthetic and multi-functional, suitable for any painting technique. They have a micro-perforated fiber which gives them high absorption of water and a medium-slow release, making them suitable for both diluted and thick techniques. Silver series brushes maintain precise lines on both medium-absorbent and rough surfaces.
Test of the Silver paintbrushes with ink on paper
The Indian ink paper test shows that the micro-perforated fibers give a slow release of water, with the fiber being very elastic and resistant, marking the signs long and continuous.
Test of the Silver paintbrushes with acrylic paint on canvas
The Silver brush is perfect in both hobby and decorative techniques, with acrylic and semi-diluted colors. With acrylic techniques, Silver is a brush that can be used both in extreme dilution and in full patterns, creating full and substantial shading when it is used almost dry, and very accurate and tight lines when diluted.
Test of the Silver paintbrushes with oil paint on canvas
With oil techniques we can obtain full and very deep patterns, with very soft shades (since oil must be applied with a very resistant fiber) or thin details that can fade on the color base, when still wet. The fine tips also allow extreme precision in the details.
The very particular shape of the brushes rounded bottom can be used in hobby techniques in order to engrave still-fresh color.
Test of the Silver paintbrushes with watercolor pastels
The Silver brush is perfect for diluted watercolor pastels, because it leaves a slight hint underneath (as it does not remove everything) but moves the color perfectly on the surface, creating semi-full patterns, excellent for painting layouts or illustrations.

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