Video introducing UNICO Paintbrush Series

This video introduces the new Unico paintbrush collection, made from synthetic fiber, an original creation registered by Borciani Bonazzi. This new artist's paintbrush series, available in four versions, is an innovative tool for painting, providing the best possible performance and excellent results for all painting techniques, along with comfort of use and ergonomics. 
UNICO Paintbrush Series: exceptional and innovative tools, suitable for all painting techniques
The very innovative design of UNICO brushes has been registered by Borciani Bonazzi and makes them exceptional tools for painting. Each Unico artist's paintbrush series is manufactured with the most innovative and totally cruelty free fibers, carefully combined in order to provide the best possible performance for each different pictorial technique.
Paintbrushes made from four different types of synthetic fiber
A mix consisting of fibers having different diameters makes every Unico artist's paintbrush series exclusive and unique. Porosity, undulation, rigidity, conicity and section are peculiar characteristics of this series, allowing the yarn to keep its shape, flexibility and absorptive capacity.
Paintbrushes made from Mangusta yarn: features and suggested painting techniques
Mangusta: a soft and elastic fiber that ensures a very good and slow release of water. Perfect solution for pictorial techniques using dilute colors, watercolors, inks and soft shades of colors. Excellent results also in case of techniques using watercolors for pastel painting.
Paintbrushes made from Fiammato yarn: features and suggested painting techniques
Fiammato: a remarkably elastic but fine fiber that ensures a very good and slow release of water. Suitable for any pictorial technique in particular for oils acrylic paints and inks.
Paintbrushes made from Silver yarn: features and suggested painting techniques
Silver: a rigid and elastic yarn characterized by microporosity inside each individual fiber. Thanks to its highly absorptive capacity, it is particularly suitable for a past form of painting without leaving traces. Excellent consistency of the drawing lines.
Paintbrushes made from Off White yarn: features and suggested painting techniques
Off-White: A rigid and elastic but very fine fiber. A perfect solution for any pictorial depth technique and for material-consistency painting even on rough surfaces. Its shape remains unchanged even under stress conditions thanks to the interlocked production technique that allows each individual fiber to be perfectly 'close woven'.
Unico brush's shape and handle: design, ergonomics, anti-rolling system
The well balanced wooden handle design allows the weight to be well distributed to control the application of colors. The sinuous paintbrush design naturally fits to the hand, resulting in a reduced wrist joints tension.
The exclusive Anti-Rolling System prevents the brush from rolling once laid down. It also keeps the tip suspended from the table. The fibres remain then in shape and do not leave any color on the surfaces when the brush is put down.
The bottom of the handle is rounded, allowing a very safe use even in school environments.

Great care in details and quality materials
Great care in details and quality during both the planning and the manufacturing phases of Unico artist's paintbrushes. High quality materials, ferrule brightness
and functional character, thick high quality brass, first-quality fixing resin, handles made from solid wood, with strong and refined pearly lacquer finishes, available in four elegant colors.

UNICO Paintbrush Series: comprehensive, versatile and multifunctional painting instruments
Thanks to its properties and the variety of different articles available, Unico collection can be considered a comprehensive and versatile tool, suitable for every pictorial technique.

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